How to Get Rid of Man Boobs – Lose Breast Fat Fast and Easily

For men who have had their chests jiggling while they are running or jumping, one question has always resonated in their minds: how to get rid of man boobs? The answer has always remained to be elusive.

Breasts, or “boobs,” are commonly associated with women—so it is quite embarrassing for a man to have a pair of boobs growing on his chest. While man boobs are not capable of the same things as women’s breasts are (for example, there are no functioning mammary glands in them), the mere sight of them can cause extreme embarrassment for a man. Even the males of our species can develop fatty deposits in the chest area, sometimes because of obesity or a hormonal imbalance in the body, causing estrogen levels to rise to alarming levels.

Problems of a man with enlarged breasts

A man with a “nice rack” is not usually showered with compliments from the opposite sex—in fact, a man with “moobs” (short for man boobs) faces a lot of ridicule in his daily life. Men who are suffering from this condition might feel too embarrassed to take their shirts off in front of other people (for activities like swimming, dates, picnics, communal showers, et cetera). They might also feel ashamed to even go out of their homes; their self-confidence and self-esteem crushed by this physical condition.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

Some men are just born with a rather pronounced chest area, but if you believe that you are suffering from gynecomastia, you have to watch out for a certain set of symptoms. Obviously, the first symptom you should check is an enlargement in the chest area, which, when touched is not painful and a bit soft. Your nipples might also look larger than usual, and may be a bit puffy.

Best ways to burn chest fat

If you are not prepared to commit yourself to strenuous workouts or cosmetic surgery, then gynecomastia pills are your best choice. Here are the products that we believe to be the best in the man-boob pill market.

UltimateGynemax_OpUltimate Gynemax. With a special combination of natural ingredients including green tea extracts, cayenne, chromium picolinate, and ATP, Ultimate Gynemax efficiently and effectively burns chest fat. Within a few weeks of use, Ultimate Gynemax will help man-boob sufferers see significant results.

Ultimate Gynemax is perfect for men who are also having weight management problems. The formula includes Caralluma Fimbriata extract and Slimaluma that will control the appetite for unhealthy food choices.

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Gynexin. Gynexin boasts of a unique formulation that includes chromium picolinate, guggulsterones, theobromine cacao, and sclareolides to help men get rid of their man boobs permanently. These pills should be taken twice a day, every day to achieve optimal results in the short span of three months.

One of the most important benefits of Gynexin is that directly addresses the problem of gynecomastia sufferers that cannot lose their man boobs with just exercise and diet. The testosterone levels in the body will be increased to achieve the masculine chest man-boob sufferers have always wanted.

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Getting rid of chest fat With Exercise.

Exercising the muscles on the affected area can help burn chest fat, although you will need to consult with a physical therapist or trainer on what kind of exercises to perform to achieve your desired results. Speeding up the process of how to lose man boobs (caused by obesity) can be slow, since it requires effort on your part. Make sure to consult with a doctor to rule out the possibility of gynecomastia. Also, visit a nutritionist to find out what kind of meal plan you should follow to complement with the exercises you are performing. By choosing a more active lifestyle and eating properly, you are well on your way to losing man boobs!

Treating gynecomastia and losing man boobs

An effective way to treat gynecomastia is to address the hormonal imbalance that is causing the condition to exist in the first place. You will have to lose breast fat completely. Simply visit your doctor for a consultation to find out if there is something you are ingesting or in your system that is causing a spike in your estrogen levels.

The doctor might advise you to stop taking a certain type of medication to see if this drug is causing your chest area to accumulate fatty deposits. You might also be prescribed with a hormone medication that will restore the balance of estrogen and testosterone in your body.

Surgical options—risks and costs to lose breast fat

For more drastic cases, the doctor might prescribe cosmetic surgery for a patient suffering from gynecomastia. This surgical procedure is known as breast reduction, and can be performed within the span of one to three hours. However, surgery can be risky and expensive. Not every patient is guaranteed with a high percentage of success—there are known side effects such as hemorrhage, the loss of sensation in the nipples, infections, and scarring. Plus, the surgery costs around $10,000 and will not be likely to be covered by medical insurance.


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