Gynexin Alpha Formula Review – Scam or Real – Find Out If it Work

gynexin_OpHere is an honest, Gynexin review for men who are having trouble with the enlarged size of their breasts.

Having a nice set of boobs can be problematic, not only for women who do have them, but also for men. The enlargement of the chest area in men is known as gynecomastia, which is Greek for a “man with breasts.” This condition is caused by a sedentary lifestyle with unhealthy diet choices (obesity), or a hormonal imbalance in which the patient has more estrogen. Known as the female hormone, estrogen can cause the development of feminine features, even in men.

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If you are a man suffering from boobs, you have a variety of options to get rid of your problem. The long arduous option involves plenty of exercise that targets the muscles in the problem area, which should be complemented by a healthy diet prescribed by a certified nutritionist. The fast and expensive way involves a cosmetic surgical procedure called breast reduction, which could also include liposuction in the problem area to remove excess fatty deposits.

Gynexin reviews have said a lot of things about the product that would remove man boobs, and we have performed our own.

Product Description

Gynexin is a brand of medication that addresses the problem of gynecomastia. It is a tablet that should be taken orally—twice each day—to achieve the results that you desire. The pills are marketed to be a pharmaceutical solution to gynecomastia—an alternative solution that one “can incorporate… into everyday work and life pattern.” The manufacturer’s website claims that this solution can help gynecomastia sufferers achieve optimal results within three months of regular use.

Some of the Gynexin ingredients are: Chromium picolinate, guggulsterones, green tea extract, theobromine cacao, caffeine, and sclareolides. All of these ingredients are culled from natural sources, which ensures that Gynexin users will not suffer from harmful chemical effects.

As mentioned earlier, the tablets should be taken twice a day with an 8-oz glass of water. The manufacturer claim that the natural ingredients of their product will work together to “reduce the quantity and size of the fatty tissues around the chest area,” which would help you sculpt your chest into a more desirable shape and size.

Product Benefits

One of the main benefits is the combination of natural ingredients. Chromium picolinate boosts the chromium levels in the body, which enhances the metabolism. Man boobs are caused by fatty deposits in the chest area, and boosting the metabolism can definitely help burn the fat in the problem area. Guggulsterones, on the other hand, is known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels and decrease inflammation in certain areas of the body.

Theobromine cacao is extracted from the cacao plant. This natural substance can lower the blood pressure and make the blood cells dilate. Perhaps the most important ingredient is sclareolides, which is a type of biennial herb. This herb can help the user increase the testosterone levels in the body and lower the estrogen levels, which is often cited as the source of a hormonal imbalance in the male body that thus causes gynecomastia. Also, sclareolides are known for its ability to make fat cells shrink, making it in important ingredient in slimming products.

Another benefit is that the natural formulation directly targets the fatty cells in the individual’s chest area. The Gynexin Alpha Formula help reduce these cells in size and quantity, allowing the users to achieve a shape that is more natural for a man.

Finally, we believe that this product is a good option for gynecomastia sufferers who do not want to go under the knife. Cosmetic surgery has a number of risks, including infection, and might not always be successful. 

Product Disadvantages

Presently, the formula is only available through its online store. It will be difficult to find this product in a drugstore or supermarket near your place of work or residence. You will have to order the tablets from the official website, and wait for a few days for delivery before you can try it.

The first few days of using it might be the most difficult—not because of any side effect, but it can be hard to integrate with your daily routine. The website does not say if their product is safe to take with other types of medication and food supplements. That being said, we were not able to confirm any side-effects related to the use of this product.


The Gynexin Alpha Formula seems to be a solid alternative for other options to reduce man boobs. It is not as expensive or risky as breast reduction and liposuction, and you do not have to change your life drastically through strict meal plans and exercise routines. The all-natural ingredients are a huge plus, as well as the quantity of the tablets you have to ingest everyday. With just two tablets (one in the morning and another in the evening), you can expect to observe results within three months. So does Gynexin Really work? Well We were able to confirm that many users experienced great results, which is why this is our second most recommended product.

Although Gynexin can only be purchased from its official website, the tablets are available all year round. Bulk purchases also come with plenty of promos, including discounts and freebies.

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