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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs – Lose Breast Fat Fast and Easily

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For anyone who has gynecomastia, otherwise known as man boobs, emotions such as humiliation, low self-esteem and embarrassment over physical appearance are common. Any social situation can often be a cause for great anxiety.

Being a target of jokes from others, only those who suffer from the condition know how demoralising and embarrassing it can be.

Breasts, or “boobs,” are commonly associated with women—so it is quite embarrassing for a man to have a pair of boobs growing on his chest. While man breasts are not capable of the same things as women’s breasts (for example, there are no functioning mammary glands in them), the mere sight of them can cause extreme embarrassment for a man.

Manboobs or Gynecomastia, a medical term derived from the Greek word for a “man with breasts,” is more common than one would think. One in three men can suffer from this condition, and many of these men just shrug off their enlarged breasts as part of their growing girth.

An enlarged chest area might sound normal, acceptable, and perfectly fine for females; it can be a symptom of an underlying health problem in men. There are a lot of instances when male breasts are developed in men suffering from obesity, no thanks to an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and poor diet choices. This type of condition is called pseudo-gynecomastia.

On the other hand, some men have man boobs because of an imbalance in the hormones within their bodies. The hormone in question is estrogen, which is responsible for the development of feminine characteristics and features in the body.

Both men and women have estrogen, but an excess of the hormone in men can cause unwanted effects, such as man developing shapely breasts where there should be hard muscles.

Man boobs can be extremely embarrassing. Imagine walking briskly and having them jiggle underneath your shirt. Imagine having to hear people ask why you are not wearing a bra for those “boobies.”

Where Do Man Boobs Come From?

To better understand the problem, and how it should be treated, we must first find out what causes moobs. If we know its root cause, it will be easier to get rid of it. While we cannot pinpoint it to just one culprit, there are at least 3 known factors that may have triggered its occurrence.

  1. Puberty

A lot of men, well, boys, notice a growth in the size of their breast once they reach puberty. This is perfectly normal and they go away once this phase is over. However, some men are unlucky enough not being able to rid themselves of this by-product of puberty and they carry their man boobs until adulthood.

If it is merely a part of your puberty phase, then leave it alone because it will go away on its own. However, if it looks like it isn’t going anywhere, then some medication or even a breast reduction surgery is possible.

  1. Medication

This is also a common cause of man boobs. Drugs containing the following components: cimetidine, finasteride, and spironolactone trigger the production of oestrogen, which as you know, is a female hormone.

An increase in this hormone in a man’s body will ultimately bring about more feminine features, and among these are the boobs. When you are taking such medications and you find out this is what causes man boobs to appear, then you simply need to talk with your doctor and request for an alternative.

  1. Overweight

Another factor that could bring about man boobs is fat. When there is build up of fatty tissues in any area of the body, it will bulge. In the same way, an accumulation of fat in the chest area will of course make it look bigger, thus the appearance of man boobs.

When this happens, a change in diet and exercise is the solution. It goes without saying that you need to be more disciplined and focused with your renewed lifestyle if you want your man boobs to go away.

These are the 3 main reasons why enlarged breasts are showing in a man’s body. The best way to get rid of man boobs is, as mentioned, to find out what causes man boobs in your case and simply to find a solution for that problem. Else, you can always consult your doctor.

Our daily lifestyle can also be a trigger:

  • Excessive marijuana use. Some studies have shown that cannabis can contribute to a lowering of testosterone levels as well as a decreased sperm count. However there are varying levels of arguments if it 100% does or does not.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption. It’s well known how alcohol inhibits testosterone in the short term. This is 100% proven factor.
  • Use of anabolic steroids. Initially these drugs create huge spikes in the body’s testosterone levels. The irregular levels of taking steroids makes the body unable to cope with the change in the level of testosterone when the person comes off his cycle of using the drug. So what happens is there is an imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen.
  • Obesity. Excessive levels of fat can lead of course to store of unwnated fat in the chest area and pseudo-gynecomastia.

Is It Common?

Man boobs are pretty common amongst young adolescent boys and older men. As a matter of fact, studies show that 1 of 3 boys will develop gynecomastia between the ages of 12 and 17. Fortunately, most of these cases show that the swelling will eventually go on its own.

The reason why adolescent boys get man boobs isn’t because of a lack of testosterone but due to an excess of the hormone. The body is tricked into thinking there is too much testosterone and it impedes this by producing more estrogen, thus leading to the development of man boobs.

While man boobs are not so common in adults it does occur more often with older men and with men who are overweight or obese. There are indications that the extra fat tissues are withholding natural testosterone and could be a cause of extra production of estrogen. These are usually the cases where man boobs become noticeably larger and accompanied with swelling pains.

As men age, they produce less testosterone. This causes fat tissues to take over, allowing more production of estrogen. This is where a diet and exercise becomes important in getting rid of man boobs. Learning how to lost fat fast leads to quicker ways of losing man boobs.

It is also to take note that gynecomastria also occurs in newborns, due to the excess of estrogen during the baby’s passage through the placenta. This is normal and it is expected to gradually fade back to normal in a few weeks.

Effects of Gynecomastia

Though this problem can be treated in different ways depending on its cause, the emotional hurt and pain that this condition might have caused to the person should also be addressed. Plastic surgery can treat the physical dilemma of the person after 1-2 hours of surgery but the psychological aspect of it would take years to mend.

Men who have gynecomastia often feel embarrassed with the condition. This causes low self-esteem. They often try to hide it by wearing big loose t-shirts and the simple act of taking their t-shirt off in the beach is unlikely.

Unlike women, men don’t discuss these issues and as much as they can, they will try to hide it. Some are not open to the idea of plastic surgery as a solution due to health, religion or financial reasons. Most men would just leave this condition untreated.

Men with gynecomastia also have a strong apprehension in socializing with women. As a matter of fact, having man boobs can greatly disturb a person’s social life – an affected man would be afraid to expose their chests at the gym, at the beach, or when they are with their loved ones.

Man boobs can greatly affect how a man interacts with the people he meets and lives with.

The common symptoms include enlarged breasts but mild cases of gynecomastia show only slight bulges of tissue surrounding the nipples. While man boobs tend to fade away naturally, more critical cases could last much longer until treated. There are also some cases, albeit rarely, where the extra tissue is painful to the touch.

What are the Treatment Options?

There are several options to treat gynecomastia; surgery, clothing, weight loss programs, and gynecomastia pills. There are pros and cons for each treatment option; surgery may be the quickest treatment however the pain and risk of bleeding and infection will always be there because it’s an invasive procedure.

Clothing could camouflage the large breasts but it does not necessarily solve the problem; weight loss programs may be the safest but some people may not finish the entire course because it does take some time to see actual results.

Gynecomastia pills on the other hand are quite popular since it is safer than surgery and it could resolve the problem faster than most weight loss programs.

Medically there are only three ways to immediately deal with man boobs:

  1. Prescription drugs
  2. Surgery
  3. Testosterone-Building, Fat-Burning Diets and Exercises
  4. Compression Jackets

Prescription drugs are very rarely recommended because of the several side effects that they could deal, especially to young men in puberty or to older men with health conditions. It is only recommended when the patient is not prone to allergies, medical side effects, and if the man boobs are not too large and painful.

Surgery involves light incisions to cut off the extra breast tissue. This is only done when the patient is experience severe pain and if the man boobs show no sign of receding after several visits to the clinic. When man boobs are still there after a few months, surgery is a good call.

Losing Fat to Get Rid of Man Boobs

But one has to remember that excess fat can be a leading cause for man boobs. Too much fat leads to less testosterone and more estrogen. If you want to get rid of man boobs naturally then you will need to follow basic tips to lose weight and naturally produce more testosterone.

Fast weight loss for men can only be achieved through a proper diet and proper exercises. These exercises will have to focus on strength building and weight lifting since those are the routines that will burn fats as fast as possible. These exercises also force the body to naturally keep pumping out more testosterone as well as inhibit excess estrogen production.

With the right diet and strength-based, resistance training you can burn those fats away pretty quickly. The more muscle mass you gain the more testosterone your body produces. This in turn cuts off estrogen production and will help eliminate man boobs quicker than usual.

How to get rid of gynecoastia naturally without surgery

Gynecomastia Exercises: Types of Exercises Needed

A lot of men have concluded that the only way to get rid of gynecomastia is through pricey ways like hormonal therapy and surgery instead of just doing some simple gynecomastia exercises to lose those man boobs without having to go through a costly procedure.

Because what makes gynecomastia prominent is the excess fat in the chest, exercises that target those fats are very effective in reducing them for a smaller breast size.

When you attempt to manage gynecomastia through exercise, you should be aware that not all kinds of exercises can make it better. There are specific body parts that should be given special attention so as to eliminate the fatty deposits in the chest.

What are the best gynecomastia exercises that you need? Which routines should be included in my daily exercise regimen?

Cardiovascular exercises should be a priority among your exercise regimen. These types of exercises will help strengthen the heart and lung muscles resulting to better heart rhythm and improved oxygen supply.

In addition to that, cardio exercises also strengthen the overall muscle structure of the body which will prepare it to do the fat loss routines that are needed to complete the gynecomastia work-out. Examples of simple cardio exercises are jogging, brisk walking, step aerobics, and swimming.

Exercises that targets the chest area should be a priority in your exercise regimen. By having a lot of exercises that work on the chest area, the speed of fat loss is increased.

Push-up and breast exercise are among the best workout in managing gynecomastia because these exercises apply pressure in the chest so the concentration of your strength is focused on that excess fat that causes the breast to enlarge.

Starting off slow with a few repetitions and adding up more as weeks goes by will surely give a positive turn out. Push ups can be modified to even have a more effective version which makes burning chest fats faster.

Chest press is also another kind of a chest specific exercise. This is done by lying on a bench with weights being carried up and down. The contraction of your abdominal muscles will help in burning those fats in your chest.

Adding resistance training in your work out is a beneficial supplementary exercise to tone the chest muscles. By using any object as an external resistance, your muscles will contract hence an increase in strength and endurance. This will sculpt your chest reducing the prominence of your breast size brought about by gynecomastia.

It need not to be expensive to achieve a better you. Just remember to stay focused on your goal and work your way up to eliminate those man boobs safely. Patiently do the best exercises mentioned above and you will get rid of gynecomastia in no time. If you need a proven and structured way to manage your image, consider the Beat your chest program.

Eliminate Man Boobs With An Alkaline Diet

When your body is more alkaline and less acidic, you can balance out your hormones.  We know that one of the causes of gynecomastia is an imbalance of hormones. A hormone imbalance with higher than normal levels of estrogen is what causes breast tissue to swell and grow in men.

When you balance out your hormones, you can help reduce your man boobs naturally.  With a diet rich in living foods that increases the alkalinity of your body you can not only get rid your man boobs, but improve your overall health.

Unfortunately, most people in the Western world are eating a diet that causes their body to be acidic. This puts an incredible amount of stress on the body and causes it to react and respond with health problems and conditions like gynecomastia, diabetes or cancer.

The way you can change your body to be more alkaline is by eating a lot of vegetables and legumes that are raw or barely cooked.  Cooking food destroys or reduces a food’s nutritional density causing the food to become more acidic.

What Foods Will Help Eliminate Man Boobs?

Eating a diet rich in alkaline foods is the closest thing to a gynecomastia or man boobs diet. Giving up or reducing the amount of processed foods and animal products you eat is . A radical diet change will help you regain control over your body and give you the best chance to eliminate man boobs.

Recommended Alkaline foods include:

  • dark green leafy vegetables
  • fruits – lemons, limes, grapefruits
  • wheat and barley grass – concentrated powder
  • other kinds of vegetables such as spinach, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts
  • beans and legumes
  • whole wheat foods.

Acidic food to avoid:

  • potatoes without skins
  • biscuits
  • pasta
  • blueberries
  • most cooked meats
  • shellfish
  • ice cream
  • cheese
  • milk
  • chocolate and bleached sugar.

Drink Lots of Water

It’s also important to drink a lot of water throughout the day.  Set a goal to drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water each day. After a few days you’ll notice that your body will feel cleansed and you’ll have more energy.

When you drink water in order to increase that alkalinity add a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice – one small lemon should be enough. Lemons are known for being high in alkaline, so adding lemon juice to your water is definitely going to be increasing the alkalinity.

You can also try wheat grass based green drinks, which speed up the process of alkalization of the body. You’ll find these at most health stores. It comes in the form of a green powder which you mix into a glass of water. These powders are not cheap, but are a worthwhile investment as they cleanse the body and keep it in an alkaline positive state.

As well as a healthy alkaline rich diet exercise is an important factor in reducing man boobs. Ideally you want to be exercising at least 3 to 4 times a week. Also, you can try supplements such as gynexin and gynemax which target and help reduce chest fat.

I have often written on this blog that a holistic approach is the best way to eliminate man boobs – so start eating an alkaline rich diet, get outside and exercise, allow you body to recover from the challenges of life with plenty of sleep and get yourself self some gynecomastia supplements. If you don’r know what supplements to buy take a look at our gynexin vs gynemaxpost.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is a relatively simple surgical technique. The most common method being used is liposuction which involves vacuuming the fat layer of the chest tissues to reduce breast size and the second method is excision wherein the flabby tissues are being cut, removed and trimmed down.

Though gynecomastia surgery is a common and safe procedure, the fact that it is an invasive surgical procedure means that there are still some degrees of risks involved especially after the surgery.

  • Though the risks are minimal, you must be prepared to face them and know what you are going to do should the odds pick at you. One is asymmetry of the breast size.Careful and calculated removal of the tissues should be done during the surgery to prevent having lopsided breasts.
  • Second is the tendency to form scars at the incision site which can be avoided if intricate stitches are used to close the incised wound.
  • Another risk involves excessive bleeding before, during, and after the procedure. Poor wound healing and infection may be the most dangerous of all risks post operatively.

Gynecomastia surgery costs usually include medication, hospital fee, surgeon’s professional fee, and anesthesia fee. The average fee for gynecomastia surgery can vary from country to country.

It is to be noted that most insurance companies do not cover the cost of gynecomastia surgery unless it is performed to ease symptoms of abnormality related to a disproportionate chest size. Some cosmetic clinics however offer financing schemes to help the patients pay for the surgery.

The most important factor to consider when you opt for this type of surgery is to choose the best surgeon you can find. Knowing that your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon is not enough.

What guarantees a great result is the fact that the surgeon is a known expert of the said field and he had done a lot of successful similar surgeries in the past. Keep in mind that medical knowledge is not enough to gauge a doctor’s success but the creativity and mastery in his chosen art is what earns him the approval and satisfaction of the public.

When you decide to avail of this surgery, make sure that you are ready emotionally, and physically, and financially. Think hard before you make the final decisions on the where, when, who, and what of the procedure.

It is okay to feel a little scared because this is a major step towards having what you want. You should be able to keep in mind that what you are going to do will make you a better person both inside and out.