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Best exercises for man boobs

When men put on weight it is often noticed in the chest area. Commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’, this can be quite embarrassing and a little uncomfortable for most guys. When it comes to getting rid of excess chest fat, many men will seek out an effective male breast reduction exercise in order to combat this problem, but in order to find the best exercises to lose the man boobs for good, it is important to understand why men may develop the appearance of breasts.

While male breasts can often form due to hormonal imbalances and as a side effect of certain medications, the most common cause of man boobs is simply due to an increase in body fat that is stored on the chest. While there is male breast reduction exercise that you can do to fix this problem it must be noted that spot reduction simply does not work. Spot reduction is when people attempt to reduce fat from one particular area of the body by training that body part alone. A Male breast reduction exercise that only targets the chest area will not help get rid of your man boobs. But do not despair. There are a number of exercises you can undertake that will reduce the size of your breasts.

The most effective male breast reduction exercise is one that will allow you to boost your metabolism and burn body fat more efficiently. Basically, in order to strip off your excess body fat you want to aim to burn calories and build muscle mass.

So, what is best form of male breast reduction exercise?

Weight Training

The more muscle mass you have on your body the faster your metabolism works. This happens for a couple of reasons. Firstly your body works harder to build and maintain muscle and because your body is working harder it is also burning more calories at a resting rate. Secondly, lifting weights significantly increases your heart rate and this means you are moving into the fat burning zone quickly with each and every set that you do.

When it comes to male breast reduction exercise and weight training you should be aiming to utilize free weights as much as possible and include exercises that work the large muscle groups. When you undertake exercises that work larger muscle groups simultaneously you are able to burn calories more effectively, resulting in a greater loss of body fat.

Interval Training

Another great male breast reduction exercise is interval training. Interval training is a very intense form of exercise and incorporates about half a minute of intensive training followed by a minute of exercise at an easy to moderate level. Interval training can include short sprints broken up with easy jogging, varying your pace when running and moving between a fast run and steady jog or what is commonly known as the beep test.

Interval training is such an effective male breast reduction exercise because it gets your metabolism going and allows you to burn fat more quickly than regular cardio training.

When looking for the best male breast reduction exercise, you really need to undertake a complete training program that works your whole body. Incorporating a complete exercise program with a healthy and well balanced diet will also assist you in burning body fat faster and allow you to lose the man boobs for good.

So, if you are wondering if male breast reduction exercise works, then the answer is clearly yes. They just may not be the type of exercises you were expecting. Remember, to get rid of male breasts you need to lose body fat and undertaking any form of exercise coupled with a healthy eating plan will always bring you a step closer to achieving your goals.

A word of caution before getting to the exercises, Gynecomastia can be caused by a number of different conditions some of which may mask a more serious medical illness. Be sure to consult with your physician before staring any exercise program. It is possible that the man boobs you are trying to reduce are actually the symptom of a more serious condition.

Once you have been checked out by a physician, the next step is engaging in a series of exercises that will help build up the muscle tissues of the chest so that they in turn can burn away the fat cells found in the breast. Although an overall workout is encouraged, you can use these exercises to build up the chest muscles and burn away the fat.


Effective aerobics exercises do not necessarily target the chest muscles. They do two things that help make the rest of the workout more effective. They properly heat up all the muscle groups so that they respond better to specific exercises and they work the cardiovascular system which in turn can help the body trim down. Both of these effects are important for the success of the chest exercises.

Push Ups

Simple, straightforward pushups have been a mainstay of workouts for many decades. The main advantage of pushups is that they require no additional equipment and use the body’s own weight as resistance to build up lean muscle mass. The secret to performing good pushups lies in form as you want to keep your body straight and in control at all times.

One vital tip is to keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle from the body and not straight out or the 90 degree angle which puts too much pressure on the shoulders. At 45 degrees or less, the position of the elbows help work more of the chest muscles.

Bench Press

If you have weights, then bench presses are some of the best exercises to build up the chest muscles. Be sure to start at a weight that you are comfortable with and build up week by week. Before long, your bench pressing will significantly build up your chest muscles.

Kettlebell Lifts

Kettlebells are an interesting weight that can really work the chest area. Swing the weight using your arms from between your knees up to eye level while keeping the arms straight. You can also lift each weight one at a time over your head. Both of these exercises will help work the chest muscles and burn away the fat.

Natural Breast Reduction Methods

There are a number of reasons to reduce the size of the breast tissues, particularly for men who suffer from Gynecomastia, the enlargement of the breasts. However, until recently most people believed that surgery was the only practical solution.

While surgery does remove all of the breast tissue which in turn then cannot become larger, there are drawbacks to using this method. First and foremost is the cost associated with this type of treatment which is also painful and can leave behind scars.

There are however natural methods to breast reduction which are safe, effective and are not painful. Such natural methods however do require more time than surgery and the commitment to stick to the program until completed.

Before beginning a natural treatment for breast reduction, it is highly advisable to see a physician to discover any hidden medical issues. For men with Gynecomastia, such conditions can actually be a signal of a more serious medical condition that needs immediate treatment.

Once cleared by the doctor, there are a few effective natural treatments to help reduce the size of breast tissues.

Resistance and Weight Lifting Exercises

Lifting weights and working out the muscle groups of the chest can reduce the size of the breasts over time. The pectoral muscles which lie below the breast tissues will tap the energy of the fat cells when being worked out. In particular, resistance and weight lifting exercises that target the chest muscles will in turn burn away the fat cells in the breast tissues.

For men, this can be a slow, yet steady process of creating a flatter, firmer chest. For women, this is more likely a method of strengthening the chest, shoulder and back muscles to help support the breasts. Burning away the breast tissues may be a more difficult chore for women who choose this method.


An effective diet that cuts back on carbohydrates and sugars in particular can help burn away more the fat cells. Since the body is being deprived of the energy culled from carbs and sugars, it is forced to tap the fat cells to get the energy it needs to function.

An effective diet combined with exercise can have a doubling effect on the fat cells in the breast tissues. This is especially true if the amount of protein is increased which feeds the muscles. For men who want to reduce the size of their breast tissues, this is certainly a powerful method when used in combination.


There are all natural supplements that use metabolism boosters which in turn help burn away the fat cells found in the breast tissues. For men who want to augment their diet and exercise program, natural supplements can add a much needed boost.

In particular, topical creams that are applied directly to the chest can help reduce, flatten and firm up that area which results in a manlier looking chest. For women, a more effective breast reduction method is combining natural supplements that burn away the fat cells and augment the diet and exercise which in turn can reduce the fatty tissues of the breasts.