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Gynecomastia compression shirt: Clothes to wear to hide man boobs

Gynecomastia compression shirts, often referred to as compression vests or chest binders are designed to sculpt the chest and reduce the appearance of man boobs. If you are looking for an instant confidence boost before you lose your chest fats, then these shirts are great and remove the need for baggy shirts or slouching. These body hugging under garments are almost invisible under clothes and provide great support without being too tight.

Check out what a gynecomastia shirt did for this guy in the video below!

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Below are also some tips for buying good gynecomastia shirts.

Stretch in gynecomastia garments is essential and you should look for a fabric with good elasticity. This means you won’t feel squashed and can move as well as if you were wearing a regular vest.

Softness is really important with one of these vests as you don’t want a scratchy fabric that will irritate your skin. Go for gynecomastia garments with soft blended fibres which work by hugging the body like a second layer of skin, while still allowing you room to breathe.

Moisture Management
It is important that the fabric used in gynecomastia shirts and vests allows moisture to escape while still letting air in. This allows you to stay cool without any risk of embarrassment from sweat or body odour.

Go for compression shirts designed to last a long time and can withstand up to 60,000 flexes. This means you don’t need to worry about it falling to pieces in the washing machine.

For men with gynecomastia, surgery is always the best option as this will instantly resolve the problem. But in some cases, surgery may not be on the client’s options for a variety of reasons.

For example, the whole process scares them, or the fact that it may be too expensive, or there are just some men who do not want to have one because the condition does not bother them. There are also others who are not comfortable with hormone therapies.

In fact, most of the men don’t even seek medical treatment but instead, they rely on chest exercises and pills to somehow lessen the size of their breast.

These men who are at loss on how to manage gynecomastia had simply accepted their fate of carrying the burden brought about by those man boobs. Social ridicule, pity, and awkwardness are just some of the problems caused by these abnormally enlarged breasts on men.

On the brighter note, there is a way to minimize or avoid these embarrassing situations, and that is to lessen the prominence of their breast by using specific clothing to hide their man boobs.

But then, which clothes could really help? Men with gynecomastia find it extremely difficult to choose the right clothes to wear. A lot will automatically conclude that tight shirts that will compress the chest are the best.

Actually, when we talk about clothing that will somehow hide the man boobs, a tight fitting shirt is not the best option. Plain shirts do not give enough support for your chest and will not give you an appealing form either.

Garments that can hide man boobs include a whole range of vests to choose from that guarantees to compress excess fat tissues and loose skin which hangs on the chest wall creating that female like breast appearance.

A Compression Gynecomastia Vest acts like a wide strapped bra in men. It is mainly created with a breathable fabric to prevent the skin underneath from suffocating. This type of clothing gives support to the chest as well as compressing the flab.

Mid thigh garment compression clothing is used to provide support not only to the chest area but more specifically on the abdomen. This will prevent those chest muscles from aching specially on activities that require movements of the chest like in sports. In addition to that, this type of garment helps in contouring and shaping the body to achieve a nice silhouette.

Both the compression vest and the mid thigh compression clothing do not only hide your man boobs well, they also promote better blood circulation in the chest, and provide the best support to shape the chest tissues.

There are a lot of sizes, shapes, and types of these compression garments to choose from. They are truly helpful if you choose not to undergo surgery to manage your condition.

By compressing your man boobs properly through these types of clothing you can now keep the enlarged breasts hidden from the public’s eyes thus eliminating awkwardness both from those who have it and from others who are not sure how to respond to your condition.


The advantages of a Gynecomastia garment are many. First, even if you plan to make other more permanent changes in your body through diet, exercise, or even surgery, a compression garment will help you to feel less conspicuous while you are working on the problem and/or waiting for surgery.

Secondly, this is a reasonably priced option that can be worn when necessary, but gives you the choice to not wear it at home or in other more comfortable situations.

Other advantages to this therapy is that that the newer materials often wick away any moisture so that your body temperature is regulated and you feel more comfortable, and it increases circulation which provides several health benefits.


While there are fewer disadvantages than advantages to compression garments, there are some. Compression garments work because they are tight but stretchy; however, a garment that is too snug can do more harm than good causing not only pain or discomfort but also can restrict blood flow.

Additionally, there are those who are allergic or sensitive to the materials in these types of garments and skin reactions can be severe if not tended to quickly.

For the best fit and care of these garments, hand washing is suggested as the agitation of the washing machine can misshape the garment and the heat of the dryer can cause the fabric to lose elasticity. And, this is a temporary fix.

The shaping lasts only as long as you wear the garment. While the cost varies depending on the product, manufacturer, textile, and retailer, overall this is a relatively inexpensive way to deal with the symptoms of Gynecomastia.


There are a number of testimoinals from some ver happy customers which you can see for yourself at www.gynecomastiagarments.com

“I’m a teenager and my doctor says my gynecomastia will pass with time, so this vest is a real life saver.” – R. Williamson.  High River, Alberta, Canada, CUSTOMER

“Excellent product! I was very concerned that the vest would be too hot to wear on warm days. Boy! was I wrong, it doesn’t make me sweat at all. The material is very unique, I tend to forget I have it on.” – R. Keller, California, USA, CUSTOMER

Where to buy Gyne Garments

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Gyne garments come in a variety of sizes. Please refer to the chart below. Correct sizing ensures comfort and effectiveness.